The Ministry of defence reported “run-in” in Syria, 600 weapons

The Ministry of defence reported “run-in” in Syria, 600 weapons

Since the deployment in the fall of 2015 military group in Syria, the Russian army experienced in real combat more than 600 weapons. Was tested almost all new products of the Russian defense industry, said the Ministry of defence.

During participation in the military conflict in Syria, Russian troops have experienced in real combat conditions “almost all new models”. This was on the “Army of 2017,” said Deputy defense Minister Yuri Borisov, the correspondent of RBC.

According to him, “run-in” the fight went more than 600 weapons. This was in order to “be able to see what real characteristics, behaves like weaponry,” he explained.

Among the samples tested were new weapons, reactive systems of volley fire-protected vehicles, the new equipment, as well as aviation engineering, he said.

At the same time Borisov has noticed that a number of images of arms could not stand the test in real combat. “From the number of samples we had to give up, because practice has shown that the samples could not withstand the demands were presented to them,” said Borisov.