The judge smelled marijuana in the sock of the accused

German judge by smell determined that the defendant came into the courtroom with a bag of marijuana. About it reports The Local.

The man known as Serbuan was accused of drug possession in March, he was caught carrying 14 packages of cannabis in his socks. During the meeting, the judge Kore Freudenberg felt a strange smell and asked the accused whether there is in fact a drug. He replied in the negative.

Freudenberg then asked the police officer who just testified with respect to the March arrest of Serbaguna, search him. During the inspection the defendant to wear again revealed a package of “grass.” The judge sentenced him to a fine of 1.8 billion euros. The meeting, in the second case on marijuana will be held at a later date.

Freudenberg said that this is not the first time discovers a cannabis smell in 2016-m to year he saw in the street a young man with a large backpack and felt a strange smell. He told the police about their suspicions, they searched the man and found him a “grass”. The judge explained that in the past he was a Prosecutor and was undergoing training to combat drug-related crimes.