The General staff announced the imminent liberation of Syria from terrorists


RIA Novosti

The release of the Central part of Syria against terrorists is nearing completion thanks to the active offensive of the government forces of Damascus supported by the Russian aerospace defence forces. This was stated on Monday the head of the main operational Directorate of the General staff Sergey rudskoy.

With a precise strike fighter jets to the Russian VKS convoy of militants of the banned in our country “Islamic state” completely destroyed. Two dozen vehicles with heavy weapons, armored vehicles and tanks heading to the area of Deir ez-Zor. City in the Russian military is called the last stronghold of terrorists in Syria, reports “TV Center”.

“According to our records, this district moved the militants from Mosul and a large part of the most combat-ready troops ISIS from Raqqa, which, in spite of this, within three months can not master supported by the United States and its allies the groups of the so-called “Syrian democratic forces”. With the release of the Deir ez-Zor completed the defeat of the main forces of the most notorious terrorist group ISIL,” said the chief of the Main operations Directorate of the General staff of the armed forces of Russia Sergey rudskoy.

And this against the background of chaotic attacks from the air. Fighters of the international coalition led by the US continue to launch attacks, including against civilian targets. The result is one of the latest attacks killed 40 civilians. Basically, it is women and children.

“Among the victims were nine women and eleven children. They died mostly from explosions during the attack of the coalition headed by the USA. Special attention deserves the history of mothers and daughters that hit a mine trying to escape,” writes the newspaper The Times.

And yet in most parts of the territory of the Arab Republic situation over the past month has radically changed. Russian fighter jets soar into the sky in the Syrian day up to 60 and even up to 70 times. Freeing up city after city, the Syrian army with the support of our HQs closer to its goal. The attack goes in three directions. A day moving at 30-40 miles. Under the control of the 50 most important objects. Among them are El-Kom, bir-Cdem. The capture of the strategically important town Akerbat a matter of time, as the release of the Central part of the Arab Republic. Completely under the control of government forces in the province of Aleppo. This is greatly facilitated by the activities of the Russian Center for conciliation of the warring parties and the creation of zones of de-escalation, which was discussed Monday at a meeting of the foreign Ministers of Russia and Egypt.

“Russia and Egypt are actively seeking, as I said, rallying the opposition to talks with the government on a realistic and constructive platform, we custom in this direction the opposition. The process of creating areas of de-escalation, and, in this process, the active participation of our Egyptian friends in Cairo, held several meetings, which allowed us to agree on the establishment of areas in Eastern ghouta and HOMS,” — said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov.

Russia is actively cooperating with Saudi Arabia, told reporters Sergei Lavrov. In the near future will have a meeting of experts of the countries-guarantors. Russia, Jordan and Turkey. Preparations are underway for the next round of negotiations in Astana. One of the main tasks — to ensure the supply of food and medicines to the affected areas, and the creation of humanitarian corridors, what at the time did not care in Iraq. Shocking figures the London of monitoring Airwars: during the bombing of Mosul killed at 624 civilians, as stated by the Americans and their allies, and 8,000 people. In view of the killed militants, the figure may exceed 10,000. And the dead obviously will be more. The strategic goal of the Iraqi military today, the city of tall afar in the North, there is now a humanitarian catastrophe. Not enough water, food and basic necessities. People are dying of starvation and dehydration. But these frightening facts, the global community prefers to close their eyes.