Poland was going to recover from Russia “trillion reparation”


RIA Novosti

Poland will require Russia “trillion reparations” for actions of the USSR during the Second world war. This statement was made by the Deputy of the diet from the ruling party “law and justice” Stanislav Penta. The word policy is the publication of Dzinnik.

“Moscow should pay us trillions of zlotys, but should be calculated the exact amount of reparations from Russia, we have to assess losses and possible claims,” said Penta.

Penta did not specify that Warsaw plans to seek reparations from Moscow. The Minister of defence of Poland, Anthony Macierewicz previously stated that the Republic will seek the payment of “terrible debt” from the government of Germany for the actions of the Nazis during the occupation.

During the Vistula-Oder operation of 1945, which was the liberation of a large part of Poland, killed about 200 thousand Soviet soldiers.