People stuck upside down on the attraction “Kamikaze” in Saratov “Lukomorye”

Attraction “Kamikaze” in the city Park of Saratov stopped. Riding on it people about 10 minutes hanging upside down. On Thursday, August 24, according to RIA Novosti.

The incident occurred the night before. In that moment, when “Kamikaze” there were 10 people, work electronic security system. 10 minutes later the mechanics had gone over the ride manually and freed the stuck. “All visitors were planted, no one was hurt,” — told reporters the Director of theme Park “Lukomorye” Elena Telegina.

The Agency interlocutor noted that “the situation is absolutely regular for many of the rides, and neither accident nor failure can not be called”. She also assured that the electronics worked, if there are no grounds for this. According to Telegin, “Kamikaze”, as well as all Park equipment, in April passed the technical examination. “All this is completely safe, and is under the constant supervision of technical services,” — said the Director of the Park.

According to Telegin, the victim was asked to ride again on the “Kamikaze” or any other attraction. “Some of the visitors were even pleased and said: here we are lucky. They are real lovers of extreme sports” she said.

At the same time, the Agency Saroblnews talks about the panic that gripped stuck on the attraction of people. “They screamed, called for help, tried to call rescuers. Even the not faint of heart it became bad”, — stated in the message. It is noted that the Park staff were not prepared for such a situation. “They were running around in terror and literally with tears in his eyes. Own fragile girls and young boys were trying to shake the attraction. With bare hands they pushed a machine, trying to make Park guests from captivity. After about 10 minutes they still managed to turn a huge attraction”, — writes the edition.