On the Day of knowledge in schools will have a lesson on “Russia looking into the future”

On the Day of knowledge in schools will have a lesson on “Russia looking into the future”

MOSCOW, 24 Aug — RIA Novosti. The knowledge Day in all Russian schools will pass thematic lesson “Russia looking into the future”, pupils with 1 on 11 class talk about “far Eastern hectare,” nature conservation and national security, reported the press service of the Ministry of education.

“The first of September, Knowledge Day in all schools across the country held a thematic lesson “Russia looking into the future”. Thematic lesson dedicated to the most important areas of development of the country, promising end-uses own talent in three, five or ten years, as well as possibilities of its development in Russia. Lessons will be held for students of all ages, from 1 year”, — stated in the message.

In particular with students to discuss projects aimed at the development of Russian territories and spatial development of Russia, for example, “far Eastern hectare” as well as the preservation of nature, science and technology, public security and policy. The lessons will talk about the projects where young people can find their place after graduation.

As explained in Department, the program of lessons based on the priorities of the draft Strategy for long-term socio-economic development plan until 2035, which is currently being developed by the government.

“The idea of this lesson repeatedly expressed by teachers, public figures and representatives of the Russian popular front. According to experts, students need to realize their place in modern Russia and its development, it is clear to imagine the possibilities of building a career, creating a family, in state-guaranteed economic and social security,” the Ministry noted.