Muslims of Moscow opposed the transfer of school lines for Eid

It is necessary to find a compromise between the knowledge Day celebrations and Eid al-Adha in the capital on 1 September. On Thursday, August 24, said the radio station “Moscow speaking”, the first Deputy Chairman of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Russia Damir Gizatullin.

“We have the celebration begins at seven o’clock in the morning, lasts 45 minutes, and then the people disperse. And we think that at half-past eight in nine all already disperse”, — he said. Gizatullin added that some schools that are near mosques, you can just move solemn line for an hour and a half.

According to him, celebrating Eid al-Adha citizens immediately after the morning service go to the suburbs, as this year the traditional slaughter of sacrificial animals in the capital are banned — prepared for this 16 sites in the Moscow region.

“It’s a temporary issue and we will try to spend more and more comfortable by being tolerant and respectful to each other”, — said the representative of the community.

Earlier Thursday it was reported that in several Moscow schools moved the line due to Eid from 1 to 4 September.

In 2017, the Eid al-Adha, not having a standing date, falls on September 1. This festival of sacrifice marks the end of Hajj (pilgrimage). On this day Muslims have accepted the sacrifice of a sheep, cow, bull or camel.