Medina commented on the scandalous treatment of Mikhalkov’s cinema Fund

Medina commented on the scandalous treatment of Mikhalkov’s cinema Fund

The Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky does not believe yesterday’s demonstrative exit of the Chairman of the Union of cinematographers Nikita Mikhalkov of the Board of guardians of Fund of cinema, neither “spontaneous” nor “emotional”. About it Medinsky wrote in his Twitter.

“A demonstrative exit of the President of the Russian Union of cinematographers Mikhalkov from the Council Fund the movie makes us think about many things. About the meaning and purpose of our work, the need to strengthen the system of state support and the introduction of real getprotection against our film industry. We need to work harder, to work more carefully and responsibly. And again. Little knowing the character of Nikita, I don’t think his decision was “spontaneous”, “emotional” and “unreasonable,” wrote Medina.

On the eve of the Ministry of culture the Director Mikhalkov said that he will leave the Board of Trustees of Fund of cinema. In particular, he accused the leadership of the Fund in irresponsible behavior: “the New composition of the Council is Byzantium. [Deputy chief of staff of the government Natalia] Timakova, of course, versed in the film industry. But she has completely opposite views from mine.” Reporters Mikhalkov said that he did not agree with the “latent Russophobia” Timakova, in particular, with the protection it “the Yeltsin centre”.

Timakova noted in reply that the Fund is subject to the government of Russia, Mikhalkov has succeeded in Byzantinism much more.

Presidential adviser on culture Vladimir Tolstoy said that the Director has not yet filed a statement of withdrawal from the Board of Trustees, called the decision Mikhalkov’s “emotional” and “spontaneous” accepted “the heat of the moment”.