In the USA police shot and killed her own child kidnapped Russians

In the USA police shot and killed her own child kidnapped Russians

In Los Angeles on August 22, police shot and killed Russian Konstantin Morozov, who was wanted for the murder of his wife. The fate of a nine year old child Morozova and his murdered wife are Russian diplomats.

A native of Russia Konstantin Morozov on August 22, was shot in Los Angeles, reports the Los Angeles Times. After the death of a man without care remained kidnapped by him the mother of nine-year-old son Daniel.

Before that 48-year-old Konstantin Morozov took his son from his mother. During the abduction it is believed by the police, shot the mother of his child. Morozov was declared wanted.

Local authorities have distributed an APB out on the man and his son. Ads were placed in the official Twitter of the police patrol service of the city.

Vehicle in AMBER Alert located. NO SIGN of suspect or victim. AMBER Alert still active. For victim and suspect info:

— CHP Headquarters (@CHP_HQ) 22 Aug 2017
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The evening of 22 August, police saw Morozov in the moment when he and his son left the house of his friends. After the identity of the man was installed, the shooting started. According to local newspaper Slavicsac, with a man at this moment was his son. What was the reason for the shooting is unclear. The police claim that Morozov was in possession of a gun.

Police wounded Morozov, his son was not injured. In the hospital the result of injuries Morozov died. His child was taken into the care of social services.

As reported in the Consulate General of Russia in San Francisco, now Russian diplomats are engaged in the establishment of the details of the situation.

Promptly sent the relevant requests to the U.S. Department of State and the police of Los Angeles regarding the whereabouts of the child, the conditions of his detention and clarify all the circumstances of this tragediennes Generalpress attache of the Consulate General

Diplomats are also trying to figure out the details of the biographies of murdered parents. The members are now engaged in search of his relatives. “We have also sent a request to the interior Ministry of Russia at the place of registration of parents — Konstantin Morozova and Natalia Sergeeva in search of the next of kin of a young boy”, — have told in diplomatic representative office in San Francisco.