In Brazil All saints ‘ Bay ferry sank with 129 passengers on Board

In the Bay of All saints on the Eastern coast of Brazil (Bahia) sank the ferry, which was carrying 129 passengers. It is reported by O Globo.

At the crash site working ships of the Navy of Brazil. The sailors managed to rescue 34 people. They were taken ashore where he was handed over into the hands of doctors. At the moment, officially confirmed the death of five passengers.

People search is also carried out to the air above the waters of the Gulf of patrolling helicopters. The authorities still find it difficult to name the cause of the accident.

The newspaper reminds that as a result of another shipwreck that occurred on Tuesday on the river Xingu in the North of the country, ten people were killed, 19 were rescued. Only on Board the vessel, not designed for passenger transport, was 70 people.