Hire Tutors for children, one third of families in Russia: poll

Hire Tutors for children, one third of families in Russia: poll

In Russia the services of Tutors are 27% of families where there are children of school age. Parents of primary school children are hiring private Tutors less frequently than the parents of the senior classes. These are the findings of a survey conducted by the research centre recruitment Agency Superjob.ru.

Thus, among parents hire Tutors to 16% for students of 5-6 grades — 22%, for pupils of 7-9 grades — 28%, for high school students — 43%.

For younger students often invite Tutors in English language (68%), mathematics (25%) and Russian (19%).

The same directions the priority of the parents of students in grades 5-6, and interest in English maximum (78%).

For pupils of 7-9 grades in the first place is mathematics: it is called 35%, separately algebra — 18% geometry — 11%. English is in second place (52%), Russian — third (19%). Popular areas of additional training you receive physics (10%).

10-11 th grade mathematics priority (51%). Another 8% called the algebra of 3% — geometry. In second place — English (29%). In third place is Russian language and physics (23%).

Tutoring in social studies employ 14% of parents, in chemistry — 13%, on biology — 10%.

Recall, the high cost of tutoring in the English language: an average of 1 000 to 1 900 rubles per academic hour. Tutoring in mathematics and physics take from 1 000 to 1 500 rubles. Less expensive extra classes in Russian language and literature from 800 to 1 400 rubles. At the same time preparing for the exam in the subjects of the school curriculum is more expensive by 15-25%.

The survey was conducted January 18 — may 3, 2017, all districts of Russia. General population: parents of students. The sample size of 6400 respondents.