Dishwasher in a Charleston restaurant and killed the chef and took hostages

In the U.S. city of Charleston, South Carolina, the man in the restaurant took hostage several people. As a result, one person was killed, the attacker was shot by police, reports Associated Press.

The incident occurred in the afternoon of Thursday, August 24, on king street, where shops and restaurants serve tourists and local residents. Attacker appeared to be a busboy. He shot and killed the chef, and then seized were the institution of hostages and held them for three hours.

His name is not reported. There is also no accurate data on how many hostages remained in the restaurant.

According to eyewitnesses, the man in the apron, armed with firearms, came from the kitchen and said that he was “the new king of Charleston”.

According to mayor John Tecklenberg, the shooting was the action of a “disgruntled employee” and not a terrorist attack or a crime of hate. He suggested that the attacker could be mental problems.

One of the owners of the restaurant, John Aquino, said that the busboy was earlier dismissed and returned to his former place of work, killed the chef for reasons of revenge.

None of the hostages was injured. An investigation has begun.