China started construction of the Institute for Internet security

China started construction of the Institute for Internet security

BEIJING, 24 Aug — RIA Novosti, Anna was Raccogli. China has started construction of a specialized institution for training in the field of Internet security, the project is estimated at 5 billion yuan ($750 million), according to Xinhua news Agency.

The Institute will be located in economic zone of Wuhan city in Hubei province in the territory of 100 hectares. The opening of the Institute is expected in June 2019, at the same time professional training can take up to 10 thousand people.

The construction of the Institute is supported by a Central steering group of the CPC Central Committee on issues of Internet security and Informatization. China until 2027 plans to build four to six such institutions that will meet international standards.

In 2014, the number of required specialists in the field of Internet security has reached 700 thousand people, and according to analysts, by 2020, this demand will double.

According to the latest data, in 2016, China had only 143 special programs of training on online safety in 126 different institutions. According to the authorities, gradually, the country might experience a shortage of personnel in this area, as the number of Internet users is growing every day.