Brazil will give under mine Amazon reserve the size of the Moscow region

The Brazilian authorities will be given under the mines reserve in the North area of 46 thousand square kilometres — roughly the territory of Moscow region. The decision was taken by President Michel Temer. Details reports BBC News.

“The goal is to attract new investment, to earn money for the country and society, to create jobs,” commented the Ministry of energy.

In Brasilia noted that nine areas with forests and Indian reservations, which are in reserve, will be safe. Econometrica, however, fear for the safety of valuable land.

The decision of the head of state criticized the opposition. Senator Randolph Rodrigues called the initiative “the most powerful attack in the Amazon over the past 50 years.” Mauricio Voivodes, the head of the Brazilian branch of the conservation organization WWF warned that the government’s decision could lead to the population explosion, the destruction of forest and water resources, reduce natural diversity and conflict over land ownership.

He also called to take care of the rights of the Indian tribes living within the reserve, some of them almost completely closed off from the outside world.