After killing the champion brought a criminal case against two asguardian

After killing the champion brought a criminal case against two asguardian

The death of world champion Andrey Drachev brought a negligence of employees of Regardie who were on the scene, but did nothing, according to SK. Against two asguardian prosecuted.

In the investigation of the murder of world champion Andrey Drachev Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against two employees of Regardie. This is stated in the press service of the Ministry.

Asguardian suspected of negligence committed in the performance of official duties.

The investigation revealed that on the morning of 20 August 2017 guard shopping center, located in the centre of Khabarovsk has caused a private security outfit, as we saw a crowd of aggressive people. Outfit consisting of two members of Regardie arrived on the scene.

“In the eyes of the employees of Regardie between the two men had a conflict that escalated into a fight. As eyewitnesses, one of them a 25-year-old Anar of allahveranov inflicted multiple punches, kicks to the head of another man, the staff did not fulfill their duties, not stopped illegal actions, not arrested the attacker, not brought him to the police Department for the proceedings and left the scene”, — it is told in message SK.

Omissions of employees of Regardie led to the fact that between men there was another fight in which allahveranov struck to the man some blows which led to death from traumatic brain injury, says the press service of the UK.

August 23 the police has appointed a reward of 500 thousand rubles for information about the whereabouts Allahveranov, who is wanted on suspicion of murder Drachev. Earlier the company reported that the suspect provoked the conflict insulting Drachev swearing. He was convinced of the powerlifter that “mountain of muscle does not give advantages in battle”. Between them and a fight ensued, from injuries Drachev died.