“Tons” rare video about Apple and jobs saved from Stripping on YouTube

A resident of the US Sam and Henry Sam (Henri) spent several months on the creation of an archive of rare and previously unknown rollers connected with the Apple company after YouTube shut down access to the channel with the largest number of similar videos. It is reported by the Motherboard.

Just a 15-year-old fan of “Apple” technique collected 810 rollers. It’s advertising, speeches, presentations and fun moments from the life of the employees, including fragments with a young founder Steve jobs. The earliest record was in 1980.

He came across a post on Reddit where the Creator of the channel Every Apple Video (“every video the Apple”) spoke about the administration’s decision by YouTube to remove all saved content because of copyright issues. Then Henry began to gather his own archive the most valuable video content associated with using the sites archive.org YouTube archived version of the Apple website. He also appealed for assistance to other users Reddit.

The found videos were uploaded on the new YouTube channel, but it was quickly discovered the “cleaners” and blocked access. After the failure of Henry together with other users has created the archive on a separate server.