The Lebanese beauty Queen has lost the title due to a trip to Israel

Amanda Hannah

The winner of the contest “Miss Lebanon-2017” Amanda Hanna deprived of the title due to taken in 2016 trip to Israel. On Wednesday, August 23, writes The Independent.

This decision was made by the organizers of the event through the week after the victory of the girls in the beauty contest. “Her visit [the neighboring country] violates the laws of our state,” — said in an official statement.

Hannah has a dual citizenship: in addition to Lebanese, she is the owner of a Swedish passport. According to this document last year, she went to Israel with a scientific purpose.

On 1 June it was reported that the Lebanese cinemas are forbidden to show us the action “Wonder woman” due to the fact that the main role in the film starred a citizen of Israel Gal gadot. The film was cancelled a few hours before the premiere. A ban on the screening of the film issued by the Ministry of economy of Lebanon.

Lebanon and Israel are technically at war, although large-scale clashes on the border after the armed conflict in 2006 between the two countries occurred.

In Lebanon since 1955, with a complete ban on any Israeli products, as well as cultural and humanitarian exchanges. In particular, prohibited mutual trips of citizens of both countries. According to the Lebanese laws, even communicating with the Israelis is a crime for which you could face imprisonment.