The CPS told what should be school uniform

The CPS told what should be school uniform

MOSCOW, 23 Aug — RIA Novosti. The CPS has recommended to parents when choosing a school uniform for a child to pay attention to its composition and size appropriate recommendations published on the Agency’s website.

“When buying school uniform correctly pick up the size, make sure your child is comfortable in a sitting position and when walking. The clothes in which the child is in an educational institution for a long time, must be made of natural materials”, — stated in the message.

The Ministry said that clothing should form comfortable for the child a climate of so-called clothing is body temperature, moisture, vapor and air permeability. A wrong suit can provoke diseases of the skin — contact and atopic dermatitis.

Rospotrebnadzor experts recommend to check label of the manufacturer. The fabric should be at least half composed of natural materials.

Best suited for school uniforms cotton and linen for spring and autumn time, wool and cashmere for winter.

It is emphasized that the maximum content of synthetic fibers in school uniform — not more than 55%.

The CPS stresses that the color scheme of the forms must conform to the rules of the school, also parents should not forget about the preferences of the child. From the product should not come sharp smell, and the seller is obliged to present a Declaration or certificate of compliance for each product.