Teen in Budennovsk has been sniffing lighter fluid and died

In the town of Budennovsk in Stavropol Krai 14-the summer teenager, according to preliminary data of the forensic examination, died from poisoning with gas for lighters. This was reported on the website of the regional Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia on Wednesday, August 23.

“It is established that the teenager along with two of his peers arrived on bikes to a deserted place near the cemetery, where he inhaled the gas from the cylinders for refilling lighters”, — stated in the text. Then he became ill, and he fell to the ground.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, August 22. Friends of the victim called an ambulance and the police. Police arrived on the scene found a few metres from the fence of the cemetery a corpse of a boy. Conducted preliminary examination.

On 6 June it was reported the deaths of two young children in the village Novokurovka Novosibirsk region, playing with matches in the car. The fire occurred inside the vehicle, and they are unable to leave. Children briefly left unattended while their father was busy caring for the youngest nine months old child.