Revealed the main item of expenditure of Russian tourists in Turkey

Revealed the main item of expenditure of Russian tourists in Turkey

Most of the money of Russian tourists spend in Turkey for buying clothes. This is reported by “Subtleties of tourism” with reference to the report of the company Global Blue Turkey, dealing with the return of value added tax (VAT) to foreigners.

According to the organization, in July 2017, the Russians returned some 3.2 million lire, VAT (about 915 thousand dollars). Of these, 2.2 million lire (572 thousand dollars) had to buy clothes.

Another 817 thousand (234 thousands of dollars) tourists from Russia returned for the purchases of jewelry, 61 thousand pounds (17.5 million dollars) for glass products.

It is noted that for a month the Russians returned to the 403 VAT percent more than in July 2016. While the revenue of the Turkish business has grown not only due to the increase in tourist arrivals, but also due to the growth of the average check. So, in July Russians spent an average of 1,140 pounds ($325) on purchases, which is 17 percent more than the year before.

In mid-August it was reported that the cost of tours to Turkey fell below the prices of tickets. For example, a week-long tour for two at the beginning of September in Antalya will cost at least 15.5 thousand for two. Tickets for those dates can be purchased for 12,5 thousand rubel per person.