Putin told about the contents of the closet


RIA Novosti

Russian President Vladimir Putin told the participants of the international youth forum “Tavrida”, which prefer business style in clothes. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

The head of state explained that “almost never happens, except for the office.” In his opinion, all politicians are “the same style”.

“In life try to be easier, to be comfortable, but, of course, want it to be elegant, beautiful,” — said Putin. Thus, according to the President, he usually puts on, “in the closet”.

“See to it that looked decent. The camera is working, millions of people watching, you have to look decent. But as you say, there is such a word “bother”. I particularly on this account, do not bother, although I admit that this is very important,” — said the Russian leader. He also noted that he believes women’s clothes “artistic creation”.

On the question of participants of the forum, Putin offered to take part in the advertising campaign of clothing for disabled people, the President said Yes. “This fashion — ready!” — he stressed.

Yesterday, August 20, Putin visited the site of the all-Russian youth educational forum “Tavrida”, communicated with the participants and got acquainted with the best of their works. The forum began its work on 3 July and will close on August 31. During this time it will be attended by over three thousand young people.