Pushkov: do not mirror reply


RIA Novosti

The head of the Federation Council Commission on information policy, Alexei Pushkov said that the suspension of the issuance of U.S. visas to Russians will only aggravate the attitude of Russian citizens to the United States, Moscow should go to a mirror response, “Interfax”.

“I see no reasons for which Russia would have to go at limiting the arrival in Russia of those citizens of the United States that here have business interests, scientific, tourism or other interests. Russia has a conflict with those forces in the United States, stemming from the sanctions, they want confrontation with our country, but we are not in conflict with American society. And I believe that those who want to visit Russia must have such possibility” , — said Pushkov.

He explained that he sees no sense in the same answer.

“I don’t see a benefit for us and I see no reason to respond to the decision, in my opinion, the aggrieved superpower” , — said Pushkov.

Earlier, first Deputy Chairman of Committee of Federation Council of Russia on international Affairs Vladimir dzhabarov, said that the US expects the queue for visas in Moscow.