Protests will be held in Morocco from a video of harassment to the girl in the bus

Mass sit-down protest will be held on Wednesday, August 23, in the center of the densely populated Moroccan city of Casablanca after the emergence of online video harassment to the girl on the bus. About it reports The Independent.

To go out only on the event page in Facebook has promised more than 1,200 people. “It concerns all of us, we can no longer remain silent,” reads the description. According to protesters, witnesses who do not intervene during harassment, behave no better than rapists.

The incident occurred in Casablanca on August 18, the video was posted two days later. In the video a group of teenagers harassing a 24-year-old girl, they laugh, tear her clothes off and insult in Arabic. The victim was crying and asking for help, but the surrounding or the driver is not interfering. August 21 for their alleged involvement in the aggression against the woman was arrested six teenagers aged 15 to 17 years.

According to police, the girl has features in development: she’s learning difficulties. At the same time, at the time of publishing video statements from either her or from the bus driver to guards has not been received.

Transport company M Dina Bus condemned the incident. At the same time, according to its representatives, the video is too short to draw conclusions about the inaction of the driver.

The video has caused outrage and fierce debate in social networks. Most users wrote angry comments, but some accused the victim to “provocations of men with inappropriate clothing”, specifies the edition. In particular, one user wrote: “I condemn the incident, but the cover itself, this was easy to undress”. Others noted that it was her fault that he was in the bus with a large number of men.

The newspaper notes that almost two-thirds of women in Morocco during the survey admitted that they had experienced sexual harassment, physical, psychological or economic violence.