Program on protection of lake Baikal can be minimized

Program on protection of lake Baikal can be minimized

The Ministry of economic development found errors in the management of the Federal target program for the conservation of the unique lake.

The economic development Ministry has proposed to terminate the Federal target program (FTP) for the protection of lake Baikal, which is designed until 2020. This is stated in the report of the Ministry sent to the government (a copy is at the disposal of “Izvestia”). Officials have concluded that due to errors in the management of the Federal program, several activities were not implemented.

The proposal of the Ministry of economy is alarming environmentalists: no money Russia will not be able to fulfil its international obligations for the protection of the lake.

However, representatives of the economic development Ministry does not rule out extending the program and even increasing amounts of funding, but the Ministry of environment should improve the quality of management.

The Federal program protection of lake Baikal was launched in 2012. According to the passport program, its main tasks are, in particular, the reduction in income to the lake of polluted waste waters by 2020, to 68.4% for the volumes of 2010, rehabilitation 78.3% of the Baikal natural territory exposed to high pollution, increase the reserves of valuable fish species by 43.6%, conservation of plants and animals listed in the Red book.

While the Ministry of economic development indicate errors in the management of the program. According to the report on the implementation of the Federal program in the first quarter of this year, aimed at the government (“news” acquainted with the document), Ministry of economic development proposes to close early.

— Due to errors in the management of the Federal program, a number of activities partially or not been implemented. So, for example, still is not actually carried out the liquidation of negative impact of wastes accumulated as a result of the activities of “the Baikal pulp and paper mill”, which the Federal program loses its relevance, — have informed “news” in a press-Department service.

In a press-service of the Ministry has ruled out the possibility of closing the Federal program.

— We proposed to extend the program to 2025 and to increase funding to the originally planned level, and now it is reduced by more than half. These proposals were supported by the President during a trip to Baikal, — told “Izvestia” the representative of the Ministry of environment.