Police have confirmed the discovery of the headless body Swedish journalist

Danish police announced that the found the female body belongs to a missing Swedish journalist Kim wall. On Wednesday, August 23, according to Reuters.

The procedure of identification was hampered by the fact that the corpse thrown on the Danish coast, there was no head, hands and feet. Helped only DNA analysis: according to the results failed to establish that the remains belong to the wall.

The body was discovered by accident: he was noticed passing along the shore of the cyclist.

The story came to the attention of the media on 11 August. The day before the Swede went on Board built by the Danish inventor Peter Madsen submarine “Nautilus” in Copenhagen, but home and never returned. The submarine the next day was found sunken near the town of køge. The inventor was saved, but the wall with it not found.

Madsen said that the vessel had problems with the system of immersion and emersion, and said that he had dropped off the passenger in the evening in Copenhagen, three hours after the start of the walk, but no one saw her. 12 Aug inventor arrested on charges of manslaughter for the period until 5 September. He not pleaded guilty and expressed willingness to assist the investigation all possible assistance. While in the brought to the surface the submarine’s body was found.

Later, at the hearing on August 21, Madsen acknowledged the death of the journalist, explaining that the wall was killed in the accident, which occurred while walking on his submarine. He added that he “buried it at sea” in the Bay of køge. What exactly happened on the submarine was not reported.

Madsen is co — founder of the nonprofit organization Copenhagen Suborbitals, which is developing and launching space rockets made by Amateurs.