Office romance ended in tragedy

Office romance ended in tragedy

The molder of the foundry shop of the Gorky automobile plant of GAZ group in Nizhny Novgorod Sergey Barhow early in the morning with a knife attacked five colleagues, killing three and wounding two others, then fled the premises. During the arrest, a worker rushed with a knife on police officers, received a bullet wound and was hospitalized. The main version of the incident the consequence calls jealousy. According to sources, “b”, the attacker is confused by the attentions of the head to the technician, who was allegedly the mistress of Sergei Barahona. GAZ group promises to help the families and victims.

The attack in the foundry № 3 Gorky automobile plant of GAZ group, told Kommersant’s sources in the enterprise and the investigative bodies, occurred near seven o’clock in the morning. Coming to work the first shift molder Sergei Barhow 1976 saw the chief of foundry shop № 3 52-year-old Alexander Agustin communicates with its subordinate Lyudmila Bogatova. Kommersant’s sources at the company said that Sergei Barahona with lab Lyudmila Bogatova had a personal relationship.

Jealous of her to the head of the shop, moulder Agustina attacked Alexander with a knife and killed him, then killed a lab assistant and colleague Andrew Kurina, who was nearby.

To the aid of colleagues have hastened the foreman, Alexander Korolev and Sergey Bazin, but to stop the molder they failed — both received multiple stab wounds and was taken to hospital No. 13, sources told “Kommersant” in the company. As told at the hospital, the victims received penetrating wounds of the neck, the left side of the chest and forearms. Both needed surgery. Sergey Bazin is in serious but stable condition, the doctors ‘ prognosis about the health of Queen Alexandra favorable, said in the hospital, he is in the hospital.

Interlocutors “” has told about the military past of Sergei Barahona — he participated in the Chechen campaign, noting that the worker, apparently, is professionally attacked with a knife.

Arrived at the factory, the police immediately were able to detain Sergei Barahona. First, he hid on the premises near the foundry (the user was informed about the incident only at nine o’clock in the morning). When the cops found him, he threatened them with a knife. After firing warning shots, law enforcement officers had to open fire. After that wounded Sergei Barahona managed to wear the handcuffs and be escorted to the hospital. Upon an event investigatory management SK the Russian Federation across the Nizhniy Novgorod region opened a criminal case under paragraph “a” of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code (murder of two and more persons). “At the scene works investigative team, consisting of the most experienced investigators and criminologists of the regional Department of IC Russia”, — reported in Department.

The official version of incident the consequence calls jealousy.

“Sergei Barahona wife in the decree with the small child, and Bogatova was allegedly his mistress. The foreman communicated with her for work, but the attacker took it inappropriately. The rest came under the hot hand”, — told “Kommersant” sources familiar with the situation.

The version that appeared in social networks that the attacker could be drunk, the interlocutors do not acknowledge: “He was an athlete and led a healthy lifestyle. Especially at the entrance to the factory all staff carefully check”. Thus the question remains unclear as Sergei Barhow managed to carry on the enterprise of the knife through the checkpoint, where workers inspect.