More than half of Russians spoke in favor of restricting the inflow of labor migrants

More than half of Russians (58 percent) believe that the authorities should limit the inflow of labour migrants arriving in the country to work. Only 6 percent were in favor of the absence of barriers for visitors. A survey published on a site “Levada-Center”.

At the same time for 30 percent of respondents this question does not matter (don’t care). 16 percent of Russians are well disposed towards the migrants, 27% wary 54% are indifferent.

To the natives of Transcaucasia and Central Asia most of the respondents do not experience any special feelings 60 and 62 percent, respectively. A negative attitude feel them 28 and 27 percent of respondents have a positive attitude, only 8 and 9 percent.

“Levada-Center” notes that in 2017 the level of ethnophobia — the desire to isolate themselves from members of other groups, reaching the lowest level since 2004.

The survey was conducted July 14-17 among 1601 persons above 18 years of age in 137 localities of the 48 regions of the country.

On August 21, the Ministry of interior provided data on foreigners expelled from the territory of Russia from the beginning of 2017. Most of these were 2.5 thousand, with almost 77 thousand were denied entry into the country.

Coming to work in Russia must fill in the migration card for a period of three months or work the patent, valid for not more than a year. They must also pass a comprehensive exam on the Russian language, the basics of history and law.