Monuments to generals-southern in Charlottesville was covered with a black cloth

Monuments to generals-southern in Charlottesville was covered with a black cloth

TASS, August 23. Monuments to Robert E. Lee and Thomas Jackson — generals of the army of the southern States during the Civil war — was laid on Wednesday, a black cloth as a sign of mourning by Heather Heyer, who died during the riots in Charlottesville (Virginia).

The process of raising of the fabric on the statue with cranes was aired on CNN.

According to him, the canvas will remain on the monument until the end of the week. The city Council on Tuesday morning unanimously decided on carrying out this action.

August 12, in Charlottesville, there were violent clashes right-wing activists and their opponents on the basis of the decision of the local authorities to dismantle the monument to General Lee. In the midst of turmoil 20-year-old neo-Nazi on the car at high speed deliberately crashed into a crowd of activists opposed to the demonstrations held there by the far right. From his injuries, the 32-year-old Heyer died, 19 people were injured.

After that, the country once again sparked fierce debate about whether conservation of monuments erected in memory of the soldiers of the Confederate army of the slave-owning southern States, which existed on the territory of the modern United States from 1861 to 1865. Civil war the South lost, slavery was abolished, but still in the country, there are about 700 monuments to the Confederacy, which many view as symbols of racism. Many of these statues over the past week had been vandalized.

Workers place tarps over 2 Charlottesville monuments to Confederate generals after city council votes to cover them

— CNN (@CNN) August 23, 2017
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As has declared on Tuesday in interview to TV channel Fox News Vice-President Michael Penny, the decision on the dismantling of monuments have to accept only local authorities.