In the USA a man was sentenced to death, despite evidence of innocence

In the USA a man was sentenced to death, despite evidence of innocence

MOSCOW, 22 Aug — RIA Novosti. A court in the us state of Missouri decided to execute a 48-year-old U.S. citizen accused of murder, despite evidence of innocence of the defendant, reports Reuters.

The sentence execution scheduled for Tuesday night.

Protection 48-year-old African-American Williams Marcellus (Marcellus Williams) urged the U.S. Supreme court to cancel the verdict and consider new evidence in the case against the defendant, which suggests that Williams did not commit the crime attributed to him. According to the defence, conducted a DNA examination did not find the murder weapon with traces of biological origin, belonging to the suspect.

“Every fair person, looking for similar, can tell that Williams is innocent. How innocent you need to be to avoid execution?” — outraged one of the lawyers of the defendant Kent Gibson.

The General Prosecutor’s office argues that the penalty should be held, Recalling the existing evidence of the guilt of Williams. The defendant maintains that he has not committed a crime.

Marcellus Williams is in prison in 1998. He is accused of murder of the correspondent of the local newspaper St. Lous Post-Dispatch Felicia Gail, which was found in his home with 43 stab wounds.

On the website there is an online petition demanding to cancel a sentence of Marcellus Williams, which was signed by more than two hundred thousand people.