In the US met a solar Eclipse

In the US met a solar Eclipse

On Monday residents of the United States observed a rare astronomical phenomenon — a total solar Eclipse. At night in the middle of the day came out to see millions of people. According to preliminary calculations, the American economy will be short of almost $1 billion due to the fall in the productivity of employees and increase traffic on the roads to the places where this phenomenon was seen best. But sellers and restaurateurs received additional income, and US energy system is an unusual phenomenon almost not noticed.


“Nothing we did not unite for the last time. Now I feel like we’re all on the same side, all on one level, all enjoying the same. We can defer the case and to share this moment” is the word of a woman selected Monday in Central Park in new York to see a total solar Eclipse. Together with her across the country for this rare phenomenon was observed by millions of Americans. It can even be called unique for the United States — the last time the shadow of the moon covers the States from coast to coast in 1918.

Solar Eclipse this time fell on the middle of the day. However, many did not stop: they just left jobs and went outside. Analyst firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas tried to calculate how much the U.S. economy has managed a decline of productivity, even if only for 20 minutes, during which it was possible to observe as the Moon completely obscures the Sun.

Based on data from the national Bureau of statistics of employment, analysts have come to the conclusion that a temporary cessation of work cost employers $694 million Another $200 million may be out the States and municipalities due to the increase in road traffic, as many people have to travel to the places where the solar Eclipse was visible is better.During the download an error has occurred.

Animal unusual natural phenomenon pretty confused. This is especially true of those creatures usually sleep during the day and awake at night. But sellers of Souvenirs, special points and the owners of hotels and restaurants, was definitely glad of this opportunity to earn. This is especially true of those cities that were in the zone of total Eclipse.

For example, according to the mayor of the small town of Driggs (Ohio), whose population is only 1.6 million people on the day of the Eclipse arrived, nearly 100 thousand tourists. About half a million people went to Idaho and Oregon sold tickets for a special five-day tour.

With regard to the energy system of the United States, total solar Eclipse in 14 States of the country provoked the fall of the volume of electricity generated from solar panels. First of all, it affected California, known for its commitment to obtaining energy from renewable sources. Independent power system operator (ISO) has recorded a sharp decline of electricity produced in California by 3.4 thousand MW. However, the operator was preparing for this event for months, and the lack of the energy produced was immediately filled by power plants running on natural gas, hydroelectric power station and the purchase of power from neighboring States. “We are pleased with how everything went, — said the Financial Times, the representative of the ISO.— Successful passage of such tests is a good sign for renewable energy.”