In Switzerland, the editor of Der Spiegel was fined for exceeding the speed limit by a kilometre

In Switzerland fined the chief editor of the German magazine Der Spiegel after it exceeded the speed of 1 kilometer per hour. It is reported portal

As explained by Klaus Brinkbaumer, he received a letter from the local police. It was noted that the journalist violated traffic regulations in Zurich: on the street where the speed limit is 50 kilometers per hour, he drove at speeds of 54 kilometers per hour. Three kilometres attributed to error of the instrument, therefore, Brinkbaumer exceeded the speed of exactly 1 kilometer per hour. It is prescribed to pay a fine in the amount of € 37,38.

“Dear Switzerland, I know you want to be taken seriously, but sometimes it’s difficult,” commented the journalist.

Despite the strict laws of the Swiss Confederation arriving there the rich often arrange races on country roads that end in a major accident. The greatest resonance was received by history that took place in November 2009. Then four wealthy Russians on cars Lamborghini Murcielago, Bugatti, Mercedes McLaren and Porsche Cayenne staged a race that ended in a crash: one of the cars crashed into riding in front of the Volkswagen Golf, which was ruled by the German pensioner. He received a severe traumatic brain injury. The perpetrator fled the scene, without having rendered first aid.