In Switzerland found calling to kill Jews and Russian unemployed Imam

Abu Ramadan

In Switzerland found unemployed Libyan Imam, living on welfare and the speaker preaching about killing Jews, Christians and Shiites. It is reported by the SRF on Wednesday, August 23.

His sermons Imam Abu Ramadan recited in the mosque Ar-Rahma in the Canton of Bern every Friday. “O Allah, I ask you: destroy all the enemies of our religion. Destroy Jews, Christians, Hindus, Russians and Shiites. And you, believers, remember: the one who befriends the wrong will be cursed”, — was said in them.

The Imam also advocated that Muslims do not obey Swiss laws. While Abu Ramadan for the last 13 years absolutely legally received from the state unemployment benefits, the total of which amounted to 620 thousand dollars. The money he regularly traveled abroad, staying in five star hotels.

Abu Ramadan does not speak any Swiss languages, only a little fluent in English. The Imam said to the Swiss press that his appeal is directed solely against Israel and in it the dominant ideology of Zionism.

A number of politicians and public figures have demanded to expel Abu Ramadan from the country, but the official response from the authorities has not followed yet.