“Evicted?” Putin proposed to reconstruct the Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin liked the idea of restoring the place of the 14th corps of the Kremlin’s Chudov and Voznesensky monasteries. With this proposal at the meeting of the President with members of the youth forum “Tavrida” was made by a young architect.

He developed the project of reconstruction of the Kremlin and asked for Putin’s support. While the President jokingly asked whether he will be able to work.

“Evicted? You will stay in the work place?” — asked Putin.

He noted, however, that many experts are against remakes in the Kremlin.

“I really like the idea. Constrains only one thing — the opinion of your senior colleagues, experts in the fields of history, architecture and archeology. Many say that the Kremlin does not need remakes. Whatever was no good, he is always on the background of ancient churches will look like a remake,” said Putin.

According to the head of the state, this issue should be discussed, and the decision cannot be taken alone.

“This should be a sustainable community, expressed by society, the desire — or create what was, or to preserve what we have. Based on extensive discussions can be decided. The idea itself is attractive, would like to revive what has been lost,” explained the head of state.

At the meeting, the President of Russia also has suggested to return to art center for young artists, which existed in the Soviet Union.