Bi-bi-si named the best Comedy of all time

Bi-bi-si named the best Comedy of all time

Respondents Bi-bi-si film critics from more than 50 countries gave preference to the film “In a jazz only girls” in 1959. The top ten also included works by Stanley Kubrick, woody Allen and Terry Jones.

The British national broadcasting Corporation bi-Bi-si has interviewed 253 the critics from 52 countries to determine the best comedies in cinema history. Each was asked to list 10 films from any country of production and any year of release. After analyzing the results, bi-Bi-si gave the first place to the picture of the 1959 “some like it hot” Director Billy Wilder.

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The top ten also includes the following films: “Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb” by Stanley Kubrick (1964), “Annie Hall” woody Allen (1977), “Groundhog Day” Harold Ramis (1993), Duck soup Leo Mccarey (1933), “Life of Brian” by Terry Jones (1979), “Airplane!” David and Jerry Zucker and Jim Abrahams (1980), “playtime” by Jacques Tati (1967), “This is Spinal Tap” by Rob Reiner (1984) and “the Locomotive General” Clyde Brookman and Buster Keaton (1926).

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“King of Comedy” by Martin Scorsese divides the 100-th place with a “Ladies ‘ man” Reginald Hudlin.

A compilation ofthe Greatest comedies of all time according to critics

On data analysis and the rankings worked editorial culture Bi-bi-si. As noted in the article, Deputy editor of Christian Blauvelt, employees of the company did not specify in the question what is meant by Comedy. Respondents could interpret this concept how you want.

We called on the experts to follow your heart and choose your favourites, paintings that have become part of their lives, not those that meet some criteria of splendor.Editorial culture bi-Bi-si

The final list included only three pictures, which won an Oscar for film of the year. The ratings were “quite a lot” comedies made after 2000, the best indicator — in the tape, “Anchorman: the Legend of Ron Burgundy” in 2004 (directed by Adam McKay). She took the 33rd place.