At the festival of stone-throwing in India, injured more than 460 people

462 people were injured during the festival, throwing stones Gotmar in India, three are in critical condition. It is reported by the newspaper India Today.

The traditional annual event has been held for more than three centuries. During the festival the villagers Surgeon and Pandhurna overlook the river Caan, and athletes rush to the island in the middle to foil the hanging tree flag. While remaining on the shore throwing opponents stones. The publication notes that there are cases when the holiday ended with the death of one or more participants.

It is believed that this tradition began after a young man from Pandhurna kidnapped the girl, and crossing the river, they threw stones, while the inhabitants of Pandhurna did not come to his aid.

This year, the action has outgrown in disorders. After the audience started throwing stones at the police and doctors, the guards used tear gas.