Angry Nikolay paid the debt at 46 thousand rubles kopek coins

Angry Nikolay paid the debt at 46 thousand rubles kopek coins

NIZHNY NOVGOROD, August 22 — RIA Novosti. Individual entrepreneur in Kirov brought to the district Department of bailiffs to collect a debt on insurance premiums several bags and a box from under the “Chupa Chups” with penny coins, only 46.7 thousand rubles, said Tuesday in a press-service of management of Federal bailiff service (FSSP) in Kirov region.

“Enforcement proceedings against the debtor, the individual businessman about collecting of insurance premiums to the Pension Fund in the amount of 42 thousand rubles is on execution in Department of court bailiffs of the Oktyabrsky district, Kirov… the Debtor was invited to the reception to resolve the issue of payment of debt. To go through a checkpoint in the service building, he had not once, in the payment of the debt he brought some heavy Bank bags and a box from under the “Chupa Chups” with coins in denominations of 1 penny,” — stated in the message.

There were six or seven sacks of coins, and the total amount of debt subject to performance fee amounted to 46.7 thousand rubles.

“It turned out that “angry state”, he decided to demonstrate its negative attitude to the bailiffs… In the conversation, the debtor confirmed that deliberately exchanged money in small coins to annoy “the state” in the person of the bailiff, but he only left with their negative emotions,” — noted in a release.

Judicial bailiff, in the performance of official duties, the emotions of the debtor has not made any impression.Message UFSSP

Money in payment of debt enforcement proceedings were taken in accordance with the law, however, disassemble them had several specialists on maintenance of Deposit accounts, said the office. The debtor also adds UFSSP, had to wait for quite a long time until the money will be counted, and he will receive the receipt of the established sample.

Ofsp also reminds us that the debt under enforcement proceedings, the bailiff will take banknotes any value, and the easiest way to pay on the Agency’s website.