Who is behind the sexual images in film

Who is behind the sexual images in film

They are the most sensual imagery in world cinema — but nobody knows about it. But the designers who created the costumes for “the Fifth element”, “Day beauty” and “Barbarella” is known worldwide. “Газета.Ru” — about how great couturier brought to the screen sensuality.

Last week, Daniel Craig has confirmed that the fifth — and last — time was in the role of James bond in the film “bond 25,” which should be out in 2019. The final composition of the crew is not approved but the costume designer Jani Temime, who worked on the images of 007 for the film “007: Coordinates Skyfall” and “007: Spectrum”, has revealed to WWD how have to dress James bond, who created his costumes for the two previous films.

A selection of top15 actors who could be bond girls.

As it turned out, since “Quantum of solace” (2008), the most famous kinosian the world wears suits by Tom Ford, the famous American designer even released last year a capsule collection of fitted suits and tuxedos, inspired by James bond.

In this case the role of James bond in recent years, Daniel Craig is deeply involved in the process of creating the suits: “He loves clothes and knows what suits for the role — told Yani Temime edition of WWD. — He knows that will put James bond and why.” And is bond coats, accurately fitting — they emphasize the gorgeous athletic figure of 007 (that is, actually — Daniel Craig).

Tom Ford is certainly not the only designer who created costumes for movies. History of cinema knows many cases when famous fashion designer has dressed movie stars.

Jean-Paul Gaultier: “the Fifth element”

This painting by Luc Besson, which this year marks 20 years (it came out in 1997), you can watch endlessly — and largely due to the costumes created by French designer for the starring — Milla Jovovich, Bruce Willis, Chris Tucker and Gary Oldman. For the film, which takes place in the XXIII century, the avant-garde designer has created more than thousands of costumes, paying attention to not only the four characters, but other characters, including the extras.

For Jean-Paul Gaultier this was not the first experience of cooperation with Director — before that, he had to work with Pedro Almodovar.

However, it is white stripes on the body of a man resembling a brand bondage Gaultier leopard print jumpsuit and ruby kind of entered the history of cinema.