Vladimir Putin: the government’s influence on the filtration media, it is necessary to minimize


RIA Novosti

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a meeting with participants of the educational forum “Tavrida” has commented on the proposal to introduce filters for television and Internet content, to get rid of information that has a negative impact on the younger generation. According to Mr. Putin, “it should be forbidden that which is forbidden in the law, everywhere — online, on television and in other media.”

“But everything else can be accomplished only one way — filtering with the help of the creative community. If the community itself will develop a system of moral and ethical filters, it would be right below if not eliminate, then minimize, but it is better to exclude the influence of this process on the part of the state” — leads TASS words of the President.

Previously in world ranking of press freedom organization “reporters without borders” (RSF), Russia ranked 148 th place, a year without changing their performance. According to RSF, 2016 for the Russian Federation was marked “increase in state control over independent media.”