The Russian foreign Ministry called the state Department “not to direct shadow on the fence” because of visa

On Smolensk square expressed about Washington’s decision to tighten the rules of issuing visas to Russian citizens. The commentary of the Department of information and press of the Russian foreign Ministry published on the Ministry website.

“The problem lies in the lack of effectiveness of the visa departments of representations of the USA in Russia, and not in reducing the number of employees. The state Department better not “imposing shadow on the fence” in what is a very difficult emerging Russian-American relations,” — said the Minister.

On 21 August the American Embassy in Russia announced that from August 23, Russia will cease to issue nonimmigrant visas. September 1 this procedure resumes in Moscow. With regard to the consulates of the United States in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Vladivostok, the timing of the resumption of issuing visas is not yet known.

Later Sergei Lavrov said that the US is suspending the issuance of nonimmigrant visas to Russians, trying to cause their dissatisfaction with the actions of the Russian authorities. The head of the Russian foreign Ministry also questioned the official version of Washington, according to which measures have been taken in response to Moscow’s demands to reduce number of the personnel of the diplomatic missions of the United States.