Sitting in jail the mayor of Vladivostok has asked Putin for protection

The former mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev, who was accused of abuse of power, and commercial bribery, has sent President Vladimir Putin an appeal asking the President to protect him. The document was published on Monday, August 21, Pushkareva on the page in “Vkontakte”.

“You are the guarantor of the Russian Constitution, therefore, I appeal to you for the loyalty and gentleness, and for protection for the sake of justice,” the statement says.

In his letter, the mayor noted the hopelessness prevailing around him of the situation, as all the appeals to various instances in what have not resulted.

“Unfortunately, other ways to be heard there. I have the firm understanding that the information is delivered to You in a distorted manner or not coming at all”, — reported in circulation.

Pushkarev draws attention to the absurdity of the accusations against him. “I filed the charges based on out-of-context circumstances in which the investigation gave a subjective evaluation of guilty” — said Pushkarev.

In the conclusion of his letter Pushkarev asked Putin to ensure fair consideration of his criminal case.

“You are the Guarantor of the Russian Constitution, therefore, I appeal to You for the loyalty and gentleness, and for protection for the sake of justice,” the letter says.

According to political analysts, Pushkareva appeal to the President, speaks of his intentions to continue to defend his innocence. This, in particular, said political analyst Konstantin Kalachev. “Igor Pushkarev, one of the few politicians that leads such a long media campaign in his defense. Despite the fact that this format appeals to the President can only bring more attention to the criminal case, the team Pushkarev managed to retain the support of politician in Vladivostok”, — said Kalachev in conversation with

March 9, Pushkareva was suspended from office. His term of office expires in 2018.

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The investigative Committee and the FSB announced the arrest of Igor Pushkarev and head of the enterprise “Roads of Vladivostok” Andrey Lushnikov, and excitation against them criminal case on 1 June 2016. The suspects were transferred to Moscow. The next day, Pushkareva was arrested by placing in “Matrosskaya Tishina”. To bail or home arrest officer refused, finding that he can leave Russia.