Recruiters compare the salary expectations of women and men

Recruiters compare the salary expectations of women and men

Women in Russia expect for a lower salary than men, but the latter become more flexible in the issue of the size of salary. On Tuesday, August 22, Rambler News Service reported, citing information recruitment agencies.

When selecting an employee the majority of employers believe the primary factor of experience, not gender, but the financial demands of women is lower than men due to the division of social roles, she said.

The difference is noticeable only among middle managers, the personnel Agency “yuniti”. “On top of the vacancy salary expectations of men and women do not differ,” — said the head of group of selection of unity Stanislav Zlobin.

“Women are more willing to lower their salary expectations than men. But over the past two years, we are seeing the kind of flexibility and male representatives,” — said the head of the HR practices of the personnel centre “Triumph” Natalia Ryseva. According to recruitment agencies working in Russia, women are most in demand in pharmaceuticals, Finance, PR, retail, real estate and beauty industry.

The women’s profession — the chief accountant and the personnel officer. In the construction industry, the oil and gas sector and IT industry to dominate and occupy high positions of men.

In July the head of the Commission of the Public chamber of Russia for social policy and labor relations Natalia Pochinok said about the discrimination of Russian women when assigning wages. According to her, the woman in the same position are paid 30 percent less than men.

According to Rosstat, in July the average monthly salary in Russia has increased in annual terms by 8.6 percent to 39355 rubles.