Putin supported the idea of a film about mathematician Perelman


RIA Novosti

Russian President Vladimir Putin supported the idea of shooting a feature film about the outstanding domestic mathematics Grigory Perelman. He stressed that it is important to enlist in the support of the scientist.

About the project art paintings about Perelman at the meeting of the President with members of the all-Russian educational forum “Tavrida” said the Director Andrey Grigoriev from Ekaterinburg, adding that he had already met on this occasion with the future hero of the film. “Great luck for You [meet the Perelman], I can tell. As I understand it, he’s such a reclusive lead,” said the President.

The Director has asked Putin to write a letter to the Ministry of culture to support the implementation of this project. The President asked about the future of the film thinks itself Perelman, and got a response that he doesn’t mind. “Most importantly, he supported. You are absolutely right, I fully support You, but still it has the resolution necessary to ask,” — concluded Putin. A request to attend the premiere in 2019, the President said that he would try to do it.

Received from the Director of printed materials for the film project, Putin asked why Perelman in them called “most successful” mathematician. “He is the most talented probably a genius… Lucky — what is it? He [did] anything found? He did not went to pick mushrooms”, with a smile criticized the authors of the President.