Muslims in India have banned the “instant divorce”

India’s Supreme court has banned Muslim men “instant divorce” with a threefold utterance of the word talaq. About it reports BBC News.

“Muslim women of India have suffered for 70 years. Today will go down in history, but this is only the beginning. I can’t describe how much we were supported all the women of India, regardless of their religious beliefs,” — commented the decision of Zakhia Saumane, a representative of one of public organizations, initially applying to the court.

Materials on теме06:14 — may 11, 2016Sharia-indiscrimately the biggest democracy of the world are fighting for the right to their own laws

It clarifies the issue, in recent years Muslim men in India are increasingly began to resort to the method “triple Talaka”, and messages with that word are often sent by SMS or via instant messengers.

The divorce method three times pronouncing the word “talaq” is not covered by either the Qur’an or Shariah. It is banned in Pakistan and Bangladesh, but in India there is no uniform civil code, family law issues are resolved in accordance with religious customs.