In Australia, the zoo was born a rare white Koala

In Australia, the zoo was born a rare white Koala

In the Australian city of Queensland Koala in the zoo gave birth to a white cub. On 22 August, according to AFP news Agency.

The beast has not yet chosen a name. The zoo asked users of Facebook to help pick a name. Among the proposed — snowflake, Diamond, Pearl and Jendali (Djendaladi) that the language of the indigenous Australian tribe noongar means “Belozersky”.

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The zoo workers said that the white color comes from a recessive gene of his mother. Previously, she already gave birth to white cubs.

In veterinary medicine this gene is called “silver”. Kids koalas are born with very pale fur. He then falls, as the milk teeth, said the Director of the hospital at the zoo Rosie Booth. With age, the fur will become a normal shade.

The color of the fur of koalas depends on the habitat. It ranges from light gray to brown. Australian koalas are usually darker than Northern. Koalas with completely white fur is very rare. If such a beast was born in the wild, it would be too visible to predators, added Booth. According to the ecologist from the University of Queensland Alistair Melzer, in 20 years of wildlife observation, he never saw a white Koala in their natural habitat.