How to eat Breakfast Panda: live broadcast from Berlin zoo

How to eat Breakfast Panda: live broadcast from Berlin zoo

The Germans decided to show the whole world what and how you eat in the morning recently arrived in the capital of Germany bamboo bears.

If you like pandas (and how can you not love them?), you will like the idea of the Berlin zoo. They decided to show how Breakfast recently arrived in Germany bears bamboo male Jiao king and the female Meng Meng. The broadcast begins on August 23 at 10.30 am. Moscow time.

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Seven Jiao king (Dear) and three year old Meng Meng (a Dream) came to Germany from China in may of this year. But immediately became the star of the Berlin zoo! The Germans took a couple of “rent” for 15 years. And cost them a million euros (the money China will transfer to the defense of this kind of clumsy). And an enclosure for pandas cost the Germans as many as 10 million in the European currency.

Feeding the pandas the zoo also comes at a price. Darling and the Dream turned out to be a finicky eater. Toed prefer bamboo from Holland. A native Chinese chew without pleasure… my Dear (male) daily eats 40 kg of bamboo. And Dream — up to 30 kg.