Busted for having sex in the plane, the pair refused to stop

Busted for having sex in the plane, the pair refused to stop

A few passengers caught for having sex on Board us budget airline Southwest Airlines. About it reports TravelPulse.

The incident occurred on August 19 during a flight from Atlanta to Las Vegas. Passengers found that their two companions had made love, and then complained to the flight attendants. The airline staff asked the couple to stop intercourse, but they did not stop.

“Obviously, they just couldn’t control myself,” said airport spokesman Mac Curran in Las Vegas Michael WEM (Michael Oram). According to him, the tourists were all over each other.

The crew informed about what is happening dispatchers of the air Harbor, which called the police.

After landing, the guards talked to the couple, but to detain them. None of the passengers complained about his companions, so the police did not press charges.

Information about the incident was turned over to the FBI.

The Federal aviation administration (FAA) has not excluded that can investigate the incident. In the case that the couple did not comply with the requirements for crew members Southwest Airlines, she could face administrative punishment.