Augmented reality will help the Dubai air traffic controllers to land the plane

Augmented reality will help the Dubai air traffic controllers to land the plane

The new system will simplify obtaining information on flights.

The canadian company Searidge Technologies has been developing a new system for air traffic controllers, which, after the completion of the project and tests will be gradually deployed at the international airport of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. As written by Aviation Week, the new system, created on the principle of augmented reality, will allow air traffic controllers in a convenient visual form to receive information about controlled flights and will relieve them from making some mistakes.

Air traffic controllers are responsible for the safety and orderly movement of aircraft and for the calculation and selection of the most cost-effective routes. They accompany the takeoff and landing of aircraft, safe the divergence of the aircraft in the air with a high density of traffic and also the taxiing of aircraft on the airfield area. The air traffic controller’s job almost half consists of input and processing of data followed by the flight control system, which can slow the operation of the airport during loading.

New system for air traffic controllers developed Searide Technologies, is designed to facilitate working with the data. It was called EAVD (Enhanced Airport Vision display, display the expanded vision of the airport). The system includes proponowany display and a computing subsystem. During operation, the system receives video data from surveillance cameras of the airfield of the airport, as well as data from instrumentation systems that provide data about a particular aircraft.

On the display for a controller displays a diagram of the airfield marked in red and green, open and closed areas. Such color-coded to avoid errors when the air traffic controllers sent a plane after landing in a temporarily restricted area of the airfield.

In addition, the scheme of air traffic controllers get data on exactly where at the moment there are airplanes. The specialist will also be able to obtain more detailed information by zones. Control system zones in Dubai airport already installed.

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EAVD provides an augmented reality mode, in which the air traffic controller could see the picture of the aircraft with one of the surveillance cameras high definition. Thus the image will automatically overlay information about a particular aircraft, including speed, altitude, change of spatial coordinates and the flight number. EAVD provides for the placement of the camera at the end of the runway with a survey along the Central line markings.

In the display mode of the band air traffic controller in real time would see information about the plane takes off, as well as on the sides, waiting for the queue to take off. In EAVD plan to add artificial intelligence that will act as a virtual assistant air traffic controller.

He will not be able to control the flight, but, according to the statement Searidge Technologies, will act as a kind of “spell check” — if the air traffic controller will give potentially dangerous instructions to the crews, the system will suggest ways to fix.

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Earlier it became known that the French company Thales intends to 2025 to begin series production of new systems for control rooms of airports, which will allow controllers to manage air traffic with your eyes and gestures. The new system is designed to solve the problem of automation of data entry to free up managers for much more important tasks. The new development was named for the Shape.