Attacked with a knife at passers-by in the Finnish Turku confessed to the crime

The Abderrahmane Bags in a hospital bed

A Finnish court has arrested 18-year-old native of Morocco Abderrahmane Messiha, attacked with a knife at passers-by in the city of Turku on August 18. It is reported by the Helsingin Salomat.

The suspect appeared in court by video link after the wounds received during detention, he is in the hospital. Bags pleaded guilty, but he denies that his actions were terrorist in nature.

Moroccan, armed with a knife attacked passers-by in the city centre on Friday. As a result, two women were killed and several people injured. Among the victims — the Finns, Swedes and Italians. The incident was recognized as a terrorist attack.

Police opened fire on the attackers and wounded him in the leg, then he was arrested. Later in the investigation police detained four citizens of Morocco.

Turku is a port city in southwest Finland. It is home to about 180 thousand people.