Zhirinovsky presented an illegitimate son

The leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky publicly spoke about his illegitimate son, 31-year-old Oleg Edelstein. It is reported Life.

The young man bears the name of his grandfather Wolfe of Edelstein. The publication notes that in North Ossetia, where he grew up, he is known by the name of mother Gazdarov. During his visit to the Republic of Zhirinovsky appealed to residents of the region with an appeal to vote for the liberal democratic party, noting that his son is “the only party leaders who intermarried” with North Ossetia.

“We need to maintain a list of the liberal democratic party, which is headed by Oleg V. Edelstein. You probably know that it has to do with me — my son”, — the politician noted.

According to Life, Zhirinovsky met with Joan Gundarevoj in Cuba.

The son he supposedly never “showed”, except once when he got a nine year old boy on one of regional TV channels in 1995.

Since 1971 Zhirinovsky is married to Galina Lebedeva, mother of his sons Igor Lebedev. He also has an illegitimate daughter, Anastasia Petrova.