You can not skimp to breathe

You can not skimp to breathe

The new emerges, starting from the former. Even denial requires knowledge. The zero level of culture paralyzes. That means you don’t need to be afraid of the old-fashioned.

Sergei Shargunov, for RIA Novosti

In my opinion, one of the most touching episodes in the rap battle Purulent and Oxymoron — recitation latest textbook “Words” by Nikolai Gumilev. Let a Flirty wink “enlightened environment”, but the noble education to the target audience of teenagers…

Interestingly, a few months ago, I recited this poem in his speech from the rostrum of the state Duma (also enlightened).

And like bees in a deserted hive,

Badly smell dead words…

It seems to me, often dead words — the ones that brought back a vivid story or the reader’s eyes. The dead words of the frustrated, unfulfilled, unsuccessful writers.

The question of old-fashioned. What is the basis of our culture?

rightЧасто you can hear, we supposedly no longer need libraries “legacy scoop” — or they need to minimize. Really? And in return? And the book is also not really needed. Because now if things are moving to electronic media. In fact, the same “best practices” proves that people are returning to print books and shops with them in every small European town, as we have in the whole country there are only a thousand of book.

The girl at the book pavilion in the Park iskusstv “Muzeon” in Moscow.

What about the “thick journals”. To give a hint about their fate, and in response: “Do they still exist?” or sour laugh.

Recently I spoke with Irina Barmetova, chief editor of “October”. Edition 63 is located on the street of Truth. There were carefully kept archive, starting from the first room, guarded by the legendary manuscript of writers. Now “October” expelled from the premises. And this fate hanging over all fewer “fat guy” — our national treasure.

Initially it was decided that literary journals — soil or progressive — will be delivered to state libraries across the country, partially funded by the Federal, partly at the expense of the regional budget. This bunch of libraries made it possible for magazines to survive, and in the libraries of their appearance caused excitement for them were those who wanted to read modern literature.

Yes, it is on the paper.

There was now in the “banner” a wonderful novel by Olga Slavnikova, “long Jump”, and I read it, turning the pages and not from the monitor, and not ashamed of it and not be considered a sign of backwardness.